Zed Beddington

A Tribute to Zed Beddington

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for the band! On drums, muscle and menaces, Otto Anderson! On guitar, pheromones and posturing, Danny McPhee! And I’m Billy Silverthwaite on bass, control freakery and angst! Thankyou! But the three of us are only here to back up the main man, the guy you’ve all shelled out to see! Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we’re bringing you the music of the legendary Zed Beddington!”

From Penzance to Aberdeen the fans filled the venues at a tenner a pop. They knew what they wanted to hear and we gave it to them; Zed’s four chart hits, the back catalogue, and a sprinkling of standards. Zed was King of the Blues, and we never stopped touring. Until one wet November evening when he failed to show up for the gig…

A Tribute to Zed Beddington is a tale of sex and drugs and Transit vans, motorways, amplifiers, ripped-off lyrics, creative accountancy, Mozart, life after death, home improvements, and finding love when you least expect it...

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Axes and Axemen: Zed Beddington at the Inseminator’s Arms, Chipping Sodbury

Last night I saw the great ZB reduced to a shadow of his former self. The erstwhile godfather of British Blues spent the evening tripping over his own guitar cable, forgetting his lyrics and gurning at the audience in what can only have been an attempt to inspire their pity. Rumours of substance addiction can scarcely be dismissed after a performance as ragged as this. Had it not been for solid work by his bassman Billy Silverthwaite and effortless timekeeping from Otto Anderson the whole set would have collapsed after the first couple of numbers. There are reports on the grapevine that the band is auditioning an extra guitarist to support the ailing Zed, and not before time…

Harpmouth’s BluesBlog: zed beddington at the blues boudoir

***** the band just gets better and better wot with newbie boy wunder danny mcphee on leed guitar and zed giving it massiv on his harmonica is there no limit to the mans tallents? only drawback was sour expression on bassist billy’s face all night wot’s up with the guy girlfrend trouble or wot?

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19th September The Camel Club, Timbuktu
21st September Brimstone’s, Sodom CANCELLED
22nd September Hellfire Club, Gomorrah CANCELLED
23rd September The Concrete Cow, Milton Keynes
25th September Divers’ Hall, Atlantis
27th September Labyrinth, Cnossos
28th September Kublai Khan’s, Xanadu
30th September Top O’ the World Club, Shangri-La
31st September Goldfinger’s, El Dorado
1st October Roads Club, Samarkhand
2nd October The Split Nucleus, Pyongyang
4th October Sid’s, Neasden
5th October Tropicana’s, Port Stanley
6th October The Cricket Club, Marseille
7th October Uncle Joe’s, Tbilisi
9th October Ostalgie, Berlin
11th October Taliban’s Go-Go Bar, Kabul CANCELLED
12th October Prancing Pony, Bree
13th October Joshua’s Place, Jericho
14th October O’Malley’s Whiskey Bar, Riyadh
16th October Nelson’s Column, Robben Island
17th October Casa de Galtieri, Buenos Aires
19th October Mellor’s Arms, Eastwood
21st October The Mayor’s Parlour, Casterbridge
22nd October Gregor Samsa’s, Prague
24th October De Winter Gardens, Manderley
25th October The Shoe and President, Baghdad


Bring It On Home

I Want To Be Loved

San Ho Say

Reviews of  'A Tribute to Zed Beddington'

“An absolute gem… The novel reeks of authenticity… Wray has a nicely understated, spare writing style. On the evidence of “A Tribute to Zed Beddington”, he's found a niche in the crime fiction field”
Sharon Wheeler in www.reviewingtheevidence.com

“Wray writes well in a straightforward style and does a fine job of conveying life on the road for a gigging band… I thoroughly enjoyed it”
Norman Darwen, Blues and Rhythm Magazine

“This gripping tale of life on the road… The thread of the storyline, with its twists and intrigues is superb, drawing you into wanting to know just what is going to happen next in a tale of murder, fraud, creative accountancy and rip-off lyrics, revealing the side of music the punter chooses to ignore in their quest for entertainment… The book’s a splendid read – great satire and humour…”
Carol Borrington, Blues Matters Magazine


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